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Your OTHER Left!

Life in the Wrong Lane

Stop sniveling little worm monkey
9 March 1985
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Saya means me, a first person pronoun in my native language. As such, this journal belongs to saya, me, and chronicles my life's journeys, decisions and thoughts. In no way is my choice of name connected to any anime characters, especially the Blood+ series. Not my fault the main character's name is also saya.

Tank: Door on your left.
[Neo goes right]
Tank: Your other left.

~ The Matrix (1999)

[When] somebody tells a character or a group of characters to move/turn left, you can bet the character/one or more of the group will go right instead, prompting the phrase, "Your other left!". (Or they correctly turn left, at which point the first character realises they actually meant right and tries to cover with the same phrase.)

~ TvTropes.org

I seem to go the opposite of where people tell me I should go *shrugs* The wrong lane is quite nice, though.

I am currently studying for my Masters degree in English Literature in University of Malaya, having done my Bachelor in English Language and Literature at the International Islamic University of Malaysia. But do not think I am a complete expert in English literature; I may know the theories and the canon, but my stint at Kinokuniya bookstore revealed that I have much to learn, and I humbly accept new and enlightening knowledge that will deepen my appreciation of literature of any kind. My favourite genres are YA and literary fiction and to a certain extent, some well-written fantasy and general fiction. I cannot stomach romance novels, though not for lack of trying. Few romance novels won my respect and admiration, and just so you know, one of my favourite past-time is to mock Twilight (I lose no respect for you if you like the series though. To each their own).

I have five friends that I hold dear in my heart, and though we are scattered all over the country, I know in my heart that I will never know friendship as deep as we have, and I know they miss me as much as I miss them. Fazlinda, Maria Farhana, Noor Alhusna, Natasha, NurJanah. They are very dear to me.

I am a Muslim. Make what of that as you will.

I am asexual, but a closeted one in Real Life. Congratulations. You're one of the few to know.

I try my best not to judge people; their beliefs, their lifestyles, their hobbies, their preferences, etc. I don't judge people because I have my own different standards and expectations. As such, I despise people who judge me using their own standards. I respect what you have to say, so respect me.

I'm currently crazy about Terry Pratchett, Lady Gaga and Chris Colfer.

That's all for now.